Dare to dream!

Dare to make a difference!

It's time to make a new friend and create a new adventure.

Alex's Story

     Alex woke up one morning and told us he had a dream about a place in school where people who wanted a friend could go and meet other people who were looking for friends.  Whether they were new to the school, shy, or being bullied, they knew they could go to this spot to be safe and wanted. We did some research and found that this idea already existed in the form of a "Buddy Bench." 

     Alex has always been a little different. He has trouble wearing certain clothes and doesn't like most foods. Many days he simply wears pajamas to school.  Other kids had started calling him "Pajama Boy" to which Alex responds with, "Why wouldn't you want to wear pajamas to school everyday?" So when Alex came to us with this idea, there wasn't any way we would dream to tell him "No." That is when our family decided we would make it our mission to get a bench in all of our town's schools so  other kids would not have to feel like Alex has felt in his few short years.

     Even after the first bench was placed at his school, the other kids continued to bully Alex. However it didn't take long for the benches popularity to take off.  People began to meet at the bench, and pick up others for games or just to talk.  Now the Buddy Bench has become a bit of a hangout spot and the school has added another bench!  Alex comes home much happier now and says that people have stopped making fun of him.  He's made new friends and has found a new pride in himself because he knows he has already made a difference in other kids' lives.

     Please help us make this idea a reality for all of our children!

Dottie Romo

CEO, Brighter Tomorrows LLC